If God had a master plan.

The dream is not about how it’s going to become real,
It’s about how hard we try to make it come true.
Sometimes people say “I want to be happy!”.
But when you ask them what do they mean by happiness,
They are lost and can not answer.
So when you have a dream
You have to realize what it really is
And how much it means to you,
Otherwise it’s not your own dream but somebody else’s
And it’s not going to come true
o matter how hard you try.
I dream about all the wishes on the planet
Becoming real,
I wish whatever people wish
To come true, so everybody is happy
And remember no one can stop you from dreaming,
Because it’s in your mind and in your heart…


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If God had a master plan.
Time is unfair
We can't control it
We can’t turn it back
And it doesn't care!

So don't waste time
Cause if you care
You'll find the time
For fun whenever!

There are some moments
When you just want to scream
When you want to kick and smash and brake
It’s hard to control your anger
There are things in life which are not worth it
When you just have to let go
And it will pass you...
Maybe with difficulty
But you have to smile to yourself
And say I can do it...
And trust me it works

When it takes you 4 hours to climb a mountain
Which you don't even want to climb (it’s just that somebody is making you do it)
And you are standing there, in the middle of the mountain in tears because it's your first time
Your legs are refusing to move and your back is aching
But somebody at the back is saying don't worry you can do it and there is no way out
You just have to accept it and believe in yourself
By smiling to everything you make your anger go away and all the frustration fall off your shoulders
And then you are standing at the pic with your friends, taking pictures and shouting we made it, we made it!!!!!! Trust me it feels so good!
So don’t let anything put you down and achieve anything that is possible in this life
Cause time is unfair it either goes too fast or too slow or you want it to go back
But that is impossible
Apart from that everything in this life is possible
If only you just smile......


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If God had a master plan.
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