If God had a master plan.
Sometimes it really doesn't hurt to express your thoughts to someone you once really liked and someone
that you really cared about. MAybe it's time to analyze and question what went wrong.
i complecate my life and love situations too much.
in actual fact everything is much simpler that i thought it was.
useful conversations lead to simple conclusions
and most possitive emotions.


If God had a master plan.
Stop Sobbing!!!! For Godness sakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If God had a master plan.
Get out!
I'm sick.


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If God had a master plan.
This weekend i did something i never thought i would do.
I got off with a guy who has ( OR HAD) a girlfriend.
Her brother saw us.
I' ve got to admitt we were all pretty hammered out of our minds.
This wasn't the first time he cheated on his girlfriend but when i admitted to the fact that
i felt bad about this whole thing he told me that it doesn't matter and that it wasn't my fault.
To be honest i don't really care about him but i feel really bad for his girlfriend who is too stupid to brake up with him.
The best thing about this whole situation is that i had a lovebyte on my neck for like 4 days now and the
guy who i am currently trying to get over saw it and was very jelous...( i think)
Topic open to discussion.Please feel free to comment.


we will meet up there someday....

If God had a master plan.


If God had a master plan.
Will someone please tell me why i have 100 rub on my Diary.ru account and what the hell it is for?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


If God had a master plan.
it's sunday 7.23 am
i have to climb a stupid peak today. on my skis.
fuck sleeping! lets go skiing!!!!!!!!!!!


If God had a master plan.
Help me write a 1200 word essay. for monday. please.


If God had a master plan.
Kaetana's present took it's deserved place on my wall and made the room seem cosy and comfortable.
I guess i'm enjoying this time of beeing away from home in a place where control and rules are the words that don't really exisist as long as you have been here long enough and you know what you are doing.
My so called ex decided that he is not going to remember our huge argument that happened just before we left and bough me vodka orange juice today as a sign of our peace. i've excepted as a sigh of " i don't really give a dam" and got on with my life.
Pretending that something never happened is easier in a way.
I don't wanna take any of his crap any more and listen to the unmeaningful words all over again.


If God had a master plan.




If God had a master plan.
Ну я типа встретилась с ним.
Наверно он мой тип парня.
Это такое же наверно, как, наверно, он моя первая, неосознанная до конца любовь.
Нахлынули воспоминания, захлестнула волной ностальгия...
Я поняла одну простую вещь.
наверно, мне так кажется, что я его не зацепила, не произвела какое-то ТАКОЕ впечатление.
Хотя он не переставал усыпать меня комплементами. Просто он хорошо воспитан.
А чего я вообще ожидала?
принца на белом коне? Нет, в эту сказку я давно уже не верю, хотя он очень подходит на эту роль.
Hm)))) Prince charming. Длинные светлые волосы, голубые глаза....
да.Я живу в своей мечте.


If God had a master plan.
shit! my mom just saw a picture of me smoking!
shit shit shit!
she didn't say anything though
i don't know why!


If God had a master plan.
Maybe i shouldn't sleep for 12 hours aday?

So anyway.
im back home.
Enjoying the peaceful and quite lifestyle that my family and i have.
Not counting the couple of hours i spent in the hospital and in the car, due to the fact that my sister decided to fall on her face and get stiches for THE HAPPY NEW YEAR, and an hour in a shop trying to find suitable footwear for this kind of weather and conditions that are present in Moscow - Cold, Wet, dirty and discusting - i haven't been outside for 3 days now.


the end

If God had a master plan.
the next thing i know is we are kissing on the bridge. i have to go one way, he - the ooposite.
i say goodnight and a friend of mine walks me to my house.
i recieve a txt message saying: don't think about what i said, think about what im going to say tomorrow. i will wake up earlier to come to yr basketball tournament to see you play.
The next morning we go to have lunch together after my game. there are other people with us so we can not talk proparly. it's time to go back. we are on the bridg. everyone is saying bey to each other. "see you at dinner!" i say and turn away before he can kiss me. he is disappointed. i can see it in his eyes.
i walk away.
After dinner he says that we have to talk. i don't object.
he says: yo know what i want from you, right? you know what im going to say.
i say no.
he kisses me. i can't resist.
he asks me again.
i say no.
i say: what do you want
he says: this time things are serious.
he talks me in to going out with him. again.
i hate him an adore at the same time.
the next few days are like heaven. we kiss and talk and laugh...
and i think to myself: is this what i wanted for so long, is this what he is like as a boyfriend?
i wonder around thinking if im doing the right thing. no, im not disappointed, im very happy, but why is it that i feel something is missing??? why can't i settle?
on wednsday he gets gated which basically means he isn't allowed out of his room.
i get worried. after the culture that same day we do behind "Media box" where noone can see us but we can hear everyone walk past. i will never forget how long that long, sweet, passionate kiss. there were people walking passed but we didn't care. we had our own little world. we were somewhere far far away.
the next day i broke up with him.
i simply said: you know this isn't working out. you are not giving as much as i am.
it was that something was gng wrong, it's just i could feel he didn't feel the same way that i did.
he was empty. his eyes were empty. his smile was fake.
he said: ok.
and we went our own ways.
i spent an our crying. never have i EVER cried over a guy. never will .
his friend said he was just looking for a relationship and i was just there, liking him so ha desided that it would be good idea to try it out.
of course we talked about it later that day. on the phone. i can;t remember what exactly he said but the point was that we tried and it didn't work.
i sent him a txt the next daying which said that i don't know what it is that is between but it's sad that we can not be together.
his reply was that we are good friends but we always want ore and that we should be greatful for the fact that we are friends.
i knew it was going to end like that. everyone said that he would hurt me. and that i should be careful.
i had to appologise. i didn;t know what i was doing. i thought i could change him. but i can not. he has to mature himself and maybe then he will understand what he had lost.


If God had a master plan.


If God had a master plan.
Do you really want your dream to come true?
Because mine came true and i was dissapointed and boared with in 4 days.
Maybe you should work out it's negative points before you start wishing it.


If God had a master plan.
continuing on with my story.читать дальше
to be continued...


This is the story of MY life. These are the lies I have created.

If God had a master plan.
Where should start?
With the fact that i've been so stupid for 2 years liking someone who WASN'T worth it
or with the fact that it's over.
DONT CRY BECAUSE IT ENDED, SMILE BECAUSE IT WAS is the thought in my head right now.
how stupid and annoying. why. i guess i have to start from the beginig then.

читать дальше
to be continued.


If God had a master plan.
A ia s nim porvala. potomy chto on yrod.

A ia dyra.


Kak vsegda.


Drama! question! Dilema!

If God had a master plan.
ok so if im hooking up with someone everyday(same person everyday obviously) does that actually mean we are going out????
i want to know your opinion people!!!!

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