If God had a master plan.
"Years ago i discovered the meaning of life but forgot to write it down" :hlop: :hah:


If God had a master plan.
People say: just forget about it

It's impossible to let go of something you lived with for such a long time - a warm feeling inside me that would turn into a fire whenever he would walk by. It didn't hurt. Before. For 2 years. Now. It does.
I'm used to getting what i want. Our history with this guy makes me sick and i feel crushed inside. It's hard to express what i feel on paper but then i think of all the other people who feel the same - there are so many of us in this world- and it makes me feel better, calmer and stronger. i forget about it. but only for a little moment.



If God had a master plan.
Фольга из-под шоколадки!
1. Можно ногтем ее утюжить очень долго, складывать по-полам снова и снова.
2. Можно поджечь, если на столе стоит свечка
3. Можно капать на нее воском и смотреть че получится
4. Можно рисовать на ней долгими летними ночами)
5. Можно попрабовать ее на зуб
6. Можно выкинуть на фиг
7. Шуршать ею в телефоную трубку
8. Неокуратно рвать
9. Завернуть в нее остаток шоколадки и хранить до следующей не сонной ночи.
10. А на 10 ( неприличное) фантазии не хватило


If God had a master plan.
Only 10 days and 10 nights.


If God had a master plan.
and i HATE it when you don't answer ny text!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It happened... again...

If God had a master plan.
yes... over and over.... and over....
same guy, same feelings, same shit....
can't forgive him, can't forget him... us.


If God had a master plan.
today we had a free afternoon.
went to TexMex. our chillen place.
i had 2.5 liters of Corona(beer). It's not as good as Reds but still
Im kinda tipsy roght now and i have to do school work
Bowling tonight.
get even more wasred!!!
Didn't i have enough this weekend????!!!!!!!!!!!


If God had a master plan.

first of all I LOVE THIS PICTURE
second of all his name is Alkesh(l0l)
he is the nicest guy ever. i love him.

it's good to have someone there for you
nomater what.
i really apriciate him.


If God had a master plan.
Pictures. before i passed out.


If God had a master plan.


If God had a master plan.


If God had a master plan.


This is why, this is why, this is why im HOT HOT!!

If God had a master plan.


otchet za etot weekend.

If God had a master plan.

Never have i ever been so wasted in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
starting from 3 in the afternoon till 3 at night - non stop drinking party!!!!
3 glasses of Chardonne wine.
a smirnoff ice
Sex on the Beach 2 full glasses
grey gouse vodka - uncountable amount
Champagne - uncountable amount

fun fun fun


If God had a master plan.

need to sleep.
coffee coffee coffe coffee coffee coffe coffee French coffee coffee coffee coffee English
Coffe coffee coffee coffe coffee EXEAT! coffee coffe coffee coffee

that's my plan for today in simple 4 words.


If God had a master plan.
can't wait for this weekend.
huge party.
i have no more words.

News flash(+a little story from my exciting life)

LAst summer parentsweekend i stayed at my friends house
which is in Montreux, for a night because we were totaly drunk
and i missed my train back to geneva- so i had nowhere to stay.
He said it was ok so we spent the whole night drinking green tea and beer(what a mix),
listening to music and just talking. I left at about 10 in the morning when my feind was fast asleep.
I left him a note in russian that i was really thankful that he let me stay and had a very goodtime.
He woke up, read the note but DIDN'T throw it away.
His dad(our parent know eachother),who came to stay in Montreux for 1 night, roled in drunk to the house and obviosly read the note!!!! Drunk, he calls my mom and informs her that and i quote:
"Your daughter and my son were drinking vodka together in my house!"
My mom didn't say anything to me. (WHY?)

and i only found out about all this today. From my friend.



If God had a master plan.

Don't want to see you.
Don't want to be around you.
Don't want to kiss you.
Don't want to talk to you.
don't want to sit with you.
Don't want to like you.
But why do I?
just why?

Get out of my head.


If God had a master plan.
Had a conversation with one of the most arrogant boys in our form today. direct quote
from his so called speech directed at me:
"wow, now you are getting way to picky for my taste!!!"

I mean WHAT THE HELL??????


If God had a master plan.

Currently writting an assey on Gender and sexuality in Shakespeare.
The queistion is: was he ( Shakespeare ) gay????
We all know he wrote ahead of his time, and about women who spoke too much, about women
butting in into men's world AND (this is interesting) about the warm relashionship between MEN.
Although at first it is not seen as gay love, if you read closely and understand his sick and dirty jokes
you can see that its about Gay people.

-"Shekespeare! You are my hero!"


Got myself some tag names!

If God had a master plan.
people always make up tags and names and short phrazes for you. these are mine:
1.addicted to shopping an the internet
2. have something for Brazilians
3. Shustova? does yr dad make Vodka? - Daaaaaah
4. Dude, can i please borrow yr boots, shoes...- sure.
5. Since when do you smoke?!!!!!

enjoying my life while i can.

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