Life can pass by like a Taxi. Don't be scared, take the risk and the opportunity - CATCH IT.

If God had a master plan.
Fuck working on Sunday!


If God had a master plan.
This is becoming impossible.

My thoughts are eating me from the inside.
Now i understand what people mean by i can't breath anymore.
It makes me sick and upset and sick
I can't sleep, think...
He is always in my head, no matter WHAT im doing.
Only alcohol makes me forget,
glass after glass of wine.
Villars, airport, home.

I can't go back there where i will see him every day.

This can't be love cause it kills.


If God had a master plan.
Sometimes i wish people or so called friends could treat you differently, with more respect, inthusiasm or even passion.
After all the one most important thing in our lives are friendships or relationships.
When they don't work there is noone you could turn to - to cry your eyes out. there is nothing more comforting than a shoulder of a friend.
And when they walk away and shut the door behind them there is nothing, nothing that can make you more sad.

There are lots of people in my life. A lot of them pretend to care.

Is there noone in the whole world that cares?

People, if you love someone or really care about them - tell them.

Stop pretending.


If God had a master plan.
Fuck!!!!!!failed one of the maths exams again......what do I do?


Nyjna MNE!

If God had a master plan.
XoCHY! Vnytrenuu i gliancevyu i lubyu!!!!!!!! Nyjna MNE!


If God had a master plan.
Рыбы бывают двух сортов видов: опизденевшие в собственной беспринципности исчадия ада и верные, истинно добрые, с непоколебимой моралью ангелы. Причем мерзким Рыбам, как правило, в жизни все прощают, охуевая, тогда как ангелоподобные Рыбки-мученицы раздражают обывателей недосягаемой святостью. Блядовать могут по-страшному, причем поймать Рыбу на блядстве или заставить ее в нем признаться сложнее, чем увидеть морщерогого кизляка. До последнего вы будете глядеть ей в честные, полные слез глаза и верить, верить. Бездушные гондоны, никаких моральных приницпов. Склонны пиздеть по-черному, причем даже тогда, когда вроде бы и незачем, нагонять туману и вообще вводить людей в заблуждение, но на Рыб нельзя за это обижаться, ацкие муки совести у них - обычное дело, причем мучаются иногда до кучи и за то, чего не делали. Склонны идеализировать людей, а потом обижаться на них за то, что те оказались мудаками.i> Трогательны в своих иллюзиях, и даже когда оказываются сучарами и падлами, их все равно невольно прощаешь за глобальное неумение жить в нашем матерьяльном мире.


If God had a master plan.
10.08.2008 ( по смс)

- Мне приснился сон (не я)
- Про меня? (я)
- ну да ( не я)
- и что я делала? (я)
- у нас был секс ( не я )
- lol очень смешно (я)
- не очень ( не я )
- что, плохой секс? (я)
- мне понравился ( не я )


If God had a master plan.
Some motherfucking piece of shit changed my status в контакте to - " отдамся любому за бутылку водки!"
At first i was confused,
then angry
and now im just laughing.......
I might have not logged out at at the computer in the hotel.....
Should i be angry?!


If God had a master plan.
Уезжаю на родину древних легенд, всяких Афродит и Диан, поближе к морю, солнцу и горячим парням.
Ждите меня в Августе с шОкОладным загаром и курортным романом...


If God had a master plan.
Is it even possible to cry for an hour and a half strsight?
Just like that without any reason.
Sometimes i wish i had the power to cry my eyes out at any time of the day
and all the mental pain would go away.

Too much thinking. it's tiering sometimes.

Considring that i slept for three hours on Sat night i think i deserve a mental brake down.

Amazing weekend by the way. It made me forget about Him for a really long time.
The feelings are starting to fade away........


If God had a master plan.
This weekend was like this

Like that

And like that



If God had a master plan.
Random Questions from Kaetana.

1.Утром, днем или вечером прилетаешь?
2.Сколько ты выпила за последний раз?))
3.Что думаешь насчет розового детского орбита?
4.Где диск с Sims2 ?)))
5.Слепишь мне что-нибудь из пластилина? Почему нет?))

1. vecherom. v 7.
2. Hey, it was my birthday,ok? Don't blame me!!!!! lots. and lots.
3. dumau - DETSTVO.
4. Ne skaju, potomy chto ne znau.
5. da, no y menia ryki iz popi rastyt, ti je znaesh....


If God had a master plan.
Sometimes it really doesn't hurt to express your thoughts to someone you once really liked and someone
that you really cared about. MAybe it's time to analyze and question what went wrong.
i complecate my life and love situations too much.
in actual fact everything is much simpler that i thought it was.
useful conversations lead to simple conclusions
and most possitive emotions.


If God had a master plan.
Stop Sobbing!!!! For Godness sakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


topic open for comments

If God had a master plan.
This weekend i did something i never thought i would do.
I got off with a guy who has ( OR HAD) a girlfriend.
Her brother saw us.
I' ve got to admitt we were all pretty hammered out of our minds.
This wasn't the first time he cheated on his girlfriend but when i admitted to the fact that
i felt bad about this whole thing he told me that it doesn't matter and that it wasn't my fault.
To be honest i don't really care about him but i feel really bad for his girlfriend who is too stupid to brake up with him.
The best thing about this whole situation is that i had a lovebyte on my neck for like 4 days now and the
guy who i am currently trying to get over saw it and was very jelous...( i think)
Topic open to discussion.Please feel free to comment.


we will meet up there someday....

If God had a master plan.


If God had a master plan.
Will someone please tell me why i have 100 rub on my account and what the hell it is for?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


If God had a master plan.
it's sunday 7.23 am
i have to climb a stupid peak today. on my skis.
fuck sleeping! lets go skiing!!!!!!!!!!!


If God had a master plan.
Help me write a 1200 word essay. for monday. please.


If God had a master plan.



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