If God had a master plan.
Considering starting to use this again as there is absolutely nothing to d oat work and have to put my thoughts out somewhere.

The amount of times i have to say Bonjour, Bon journee and merci is getting on to me. although this is deffinantly better than running around with dirty plates and hot beverages (what all the other people are doing on their internships) i am deffinantly fed up.

also lost my blackberry and really upset about that. i feel like ive lost all means of communication and is just lost.

theres only 2 more months to go. i hope i dont gain anymore weight but just lose it. at least the amount that i gained while working. otherwise this summer is not going to be pretty but depressing.

speaking of the summer, i have so much planned that i can not wait. the best part od this is that i am going to be DONE with this internship and will be a normal person again.