If God had a master plan.
I guess i have learnt to enjoy peace and silence and without the help of my long-hours job. I have never thought that i would enjoy lunch completly on my own with a book.

It was a very sunny day and i was on the terrase of Lausanne Palace and i was left alone with my thoughts, there was almost noone talking to me and i was able to just sit and relax. There are many thingd on my mind that i would like to share and i would have loved to spend that time with my friends if they were around, but there are things that are better left in my mind, family stuff and personal thoughts.

I am back in my room in Montreux, very satisfied with how i spent my free time today and now going to enjoy some chick flicks with a cup of forest berries tea.

Cant wait for my parents to come visit. i miss them so much. they just ned to sort their life out and figure out what we are doing in the summer for "family holidays"
I just have one request - peace, beach, sun and summer fruits.