If God had a master plan.
Sometimes i wish people or so called friends could treat you differently, with more respect, inthusiasm or even passion.
After all the one most important thing in our lives are friendships or relationships.
When they don't work there is noone you could turn to - to cry your eyes out. there is nothing more comforting than a shoulder of a friend.
And when they walk away and shut the door behind them there is nothing, nothing that can make you more sad.

There are lots of people in my life. A lot of them pretend to care.

Is there noone in the whole world that cares?

People, if you love someone or really care about them - tell them.

Stop pretending.

2009-01-14 в 23:59 

My milkshake bringeth more menfolk to the yard. Verily, 'tis better than thine!
все очень плохо? :small:


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